May's Birthstone: The Emerald Collection

May's Birthstone: The Emerald Collection

May's Birthstone

In a luxurious, rich green, emeralds are the birthstone for May as their beautiful colour represents Spring's rebirth and renewal in nature.

At Otiumberg we offer a timeless collection of emerald jewellery; our signature solid gold bamboo ring and hoop collection includes a gemstone for every month.

Emeralds combine with diamonds to striking effect, and our solid gold emerald pear drop hoop is a classic piece that makes for a treasured gift.

Emerald Jewellery: our picks

What is special about emeralds?

Emeralds have been adored for their striking green colour for centuries. First mined in Egypt as far back as 330 B.C, they are recognised as one of the four precious gemstones alongside diamonds, rubies and sapphires. They were originally thought to guard against memory less and improve intuition.

Long connected with royalty and opulence, 'The jewel of kings' was said to be a favourite of Cleopatra, who adorned herself and her palace with emeralds.

Can I wear emerald jewellery everyday?

Emeralds are brittle gemstones - meaning they are softer than sapphires, diamonds or rubies. They can be worn regularly, but it's important to treat them with care to keep them looking their best.

Gently clean emerald jewellery by hand using warm soapy water (without soaking). Emeralds can be damaged by an ultrasonic cleaner, and harsh detergents can dilute or remove oils from the gemstone. Never soak emeralds in harsh solvents like alcohol or acetone, which will damage your precious gemstone.

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