Introducing Anna as the latest muse from our London Portrait series; where we bring you the women we admire from all over the city we love and call home.

A long time friend of Otiumberg, Anna is an actress, currently starring in The Witcher, and also Co-founder of Hector’s Bottle Shop & Wine Bar, based in De Beauvoir Town in Hackney. 

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Chunky Gold Twist Ring L£127,800.00
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We spent the afternoon shooting Anna in the beautiful surroundings of Hector's, her relaxed and stylish bar. Inspired by the cave à mangers of Paris and the relaxed but enthusiastic European way of eating and drinking, the intimate and design-led location proved the perfect backdrop to our shoot.

A fashion favourite who is known for her well-considered wardrobe, we loved seeing how Anna styled her Otiumberg picks. The way she mixes metals, finishes and gemstones creates texture and an individual look that perfectly complements a clean silhouette. Shop Anna’s edit below:

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