London Portraits: Anna Foster

London Portraits: Anna Foster

Meet Anna Foster.

Introducing Anna Foster as the latest muse from our London Portrait series; where we bring you the women we admire from all over the city we love and call home.

A former fashion editor at publications including i-D magazine, stylist, and fashion director at Lula, Anna founded her denim label E.L.V. DENIM in 2022. The brand combines cutting-edge design with a commitment to reducing waste and minimising denim production's environmental footprint.

Anna's focus on creating with a responsible approach resonates deeply with our own responsible approach to crafting jewellery.

With a relentless passion for both style and environmental consciousness, she has revolutionised the denim industry, setting a new standard for ethical and eco-friendly practices.

By upcycling old jeans to create expertly tailored denim designs E.L.V. DENIM breathes new life into pre-existing materials, meaning they don't go to landfill and the high environmental impact of manufacturing new jeans is avoided.

Each pair of E.L.V. Denim jeans carries a story of reinvention and sustainability, a true embodiment of the circular fashion movement.

Pictured, Anna mixes metals and styles to create her own unique look with Otiumberg jewellery. The locked and mixed metal link up chains in different lengths add interest to her neckline, and our statement Heart gold Earrings make maximum impact when combined with the classic Quotidien diamond hoops.

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