Introducing The Otiumberg Jewellery Box

Introducing The Otiumberg Jewellery Box

The Otiumberg Jewellery Box

A beautiful addition to any bedroom, the Otiumberg jewellery box is carefully crafted with a pink silk velvet exterior and satin interior, and a copper toned Otiumberg logo on the interior lid. 

A subtle statement that stands out beautifully on a bedside table or bathroom shelf, this limited edition design is created with both beauty and practicality in mind, concealing extra jewellery organisers including a removable storage tray to house an extra layer of treasures. 

The top tray includes space for a number of rings and smaller items, whilst necklaces and bracelets can be kept in the larger compartments.

This popular gifting option is made even more special for the indecisive shopper with the addition of a gift card to help your lucky loved one fill the jewellery box with the treasured pieces of their choosing.

The Otiumberg jewellery box is part of the ‘Gifts For Her’ edit, see wonderfully personal gifting options below:

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9kt Solid Gold
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14kt Gold Vermeil
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The History of Jewellery Boxes

It is believed that the use of jewellery boxes dates back to 5000 BC, when they became very popular in Ancient Egypt. During this time jewellery held high importance for its spiritual value. People of all social statuses believed jewellery would benefit them in the afterlife, and developed advanced methods to handcraft their wooden chests and boxes. They became a necessity for all Egyptians, and valuables would be buried in the caskets with the Pharaohs whilst the lower classes would use decorated reed wooden boxes to house their jewels.

During the Middle Ages jewellery boxes became very decorative, often created from gold or silver and decorated in precious gemstones. They were used by royalty and noblemen to store their jewellery and valuable possessions. 

Throughout all of the periods of history following jewellery boxes have had their place in society and followed the fashions of the time, with trinket boxes in different materials becoming popular during the 18th century, as well as musical boxes, and jewellery boxes  crafted in the Art Nouveau style during the 20th century.

Choosing The Right Jewellery Box For You

A key point to consider when shopping for your jewellery box is that the interior is lined with a soft material, to avoid your precious jewellery becoming damaged whilst you store it. 

Consider the size of the box you will need plus the space you have to store it, especially if your collection is growing. Whilst the jewellery box from Otiumberg offers ample storage for most, at a size of 18cm x 18cm x 10cm and with two jewellery organiser sections and space for a number of rings, if you have an especially large jewellery collection you might consider a larger box, or keeping your less regularly worn items in storage elsewhere.

Consider your decor when choosing your jewellery box and what will complement it. It is worth investing in a well crafted design with solid hinges that are concealed within, and sturdy materials, so your jewellery box will be cherished for many years.

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