How to stack, wear & combine your ear cuffs

How to stack, wear & combine your ear cuffs

Introducing The Otiumberg ear cuff collection

The beauty of an ear cuff is that no piercing is necessary, making it straightforward to style up a stacked ear when you want to make a statement. We create sterling silver ear cuffs, gold vermeil and solid gold ear cuffs to sit on different parts of your ear, so you can combine them as you wish to create your chosen look.

How to wear your ear cuff

If you have never worn ear cuffs before it can be a little confusing at first to work out the best way to put them on your ear, and fit them properly to avoid them falling off. Here is the Otiumberg step-by-step guide:

1. Every ear is a different shape and size. You can gently pull your cuff from its edges to make it a little larger, or push together if your ear is very small.

2. Pull the thinner part of your upper ear taught and slide your cuff down the cartilage. Use the images on our website to guide which way up your particular cuff should go, and the position it should sit on your ear.

3. Rotate your cuff towards your inner ear, and ensure the cuff is sat securely in your desired spot. You should be able to gently tug the cuff without it coming off your ear.

Choosing your Otiumberg ear cuff

Our Camilla and Marc collaboration are our bestselling ear cuffs. This capsule includes a lower lobe cuff and a double ear cuff in plain or pavé, which combines perfectly with the pavé ear climber.

For wedding and occasions our pearl cuff with matching pearl gold hoops are a beautifully elegant choice. Our more intricate design, the Chaos Cuff, complements our Chaos hoop earring collection perfectly, and is also available in a sterling silver iteration.

The Ear Cuff Collection

Sterling Silver
K 566.00
New gold ear cuff Pavé Concero Ear Cuff
14 kt Gold Vermeil
K 823.00
14 kt Gold Vermeil
K 566.00
14 kt Gold Vermeil
K 1,157.00
Exclusive An image of Alex Eagle wearing her ear pin and cuff which was designed in collaboration with Otiumberg and now for sale online. Solid Gold Alex Eagle x Otiumberg Ear Pin
Exclusive Alex Eagle Cuff Alex Eagle X Otiumberg Ear Cuff
9 kt Solid Gold
K 617.00
New triple gold ear cuff Concero Ear Cuff
14 kt Gold Vermeil
K 566.00
New silver double ear cuff Camilla And Marc X Otiumberg Double Ear Cuff
14 kt Gold Vermeil
K 669.00
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