Sustainable Packaging

Meet Our Packaging

No Foam. No Plastic.

Our boxes are made without any oil-based plastic materials and absolutely no foam.

Each box and slip is crafted from 70% FSC paper, which means it’s sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

And don’t worry, the other 30% is recycled paper!

100% Cotton Keepsake

Each jewel is packaged in a cosy pouch made from 100% cotton and fully recyclable.

Responsible Production

Producing beautiful packaging shouldn’t mean harming the environment. That’s why our suppliers are just as committed to sustainability as we are.

From positive social and environmental practices, to worker’s rights and the EU Timber and FLEGT Regulations, it feels good to produce our packaging with the right people.

Steps Towards Sustainability

From recycled gold to high supplier standards and internal office practices, we do as much as we can to become a more sustainable brand. It’s a journey, and we’re getting there.

Read more on our dedicated Sustainability & Ethical Practices page.