London Portraits: Alma Berrow

London Portraits: Alma Berrow

Meet Alma Berrow.

The latest muse from our London Portrait series.

Alma creates playful sculpture that depicts overflowing ashtrays or elaborate plates of food that act as physical talismans for lost moments of togetherness among friends.

"My mother, Miranda Berrow, is a fantastic ceramicist and while locked away with her in Dorset in 2020 I gave it a go… I loved the process of starting with a smidge of clay to shape, with the power to make whatever I dreamt of, and then two weeks later having something that could outlast my lifetime."

- Alma Berrow


"The everyday and the mundane. The small things you pass by or miss because our brains are too busy thinking about a million other things. Be they amusing, disgusting or perfectly average; when you pull them out of situ and immortalise them in ceramics they stand alone, strong and with their own narrative."

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