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Discover the latest designs to join the Otiumberg family. Discover a wide range of responsibly crafted, thoughtfully designed pieces, from our iconic hoops and huggies to personalised name bracelets and diamond engagement rings.


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Showing products

Tk 21,700.00
New Solid Gold Twisted Diamond Thread Ring Solid Gold Twisted Diamond Thread Ring
Tk 21,000.00
New Small Chaos Hoops Small Chaos Hoops
Tk 15,000.00
New Silver Chaos Hoops Silver Chaos Hoops
Tk 14,300.00
New Large Chaos Hoops Large Chaos Hoops
Tk 31,900.00
Tk 42,000.00
New Men's Staple Hoop Men's Staple Hoop
Tk 8,850.00
New Men's Silver Tied Hoops Men's Silver Tied Hoops
New Men's Small Staple Hoop Men's Small Staple Hoop
New Silver Chaos Cuff Silver Chaos Cuff
Tk 14,300.00
New Chaos Cuff (Pre-order) Chaos Cuff (Pre-order)
Tk 17,700.00
New Carabiner Bracelet Carabiner Bracelet
Tk 21,700.00
New Emerald Pear Drop Hoop Solid Gold Emerald Pear Drop Hoop
Exclusive Exclusive Small Pave Staple Hoop Exclusive Small Pave Staple Hoop
New Staple Hoop Staple Hoop
Tk 8,850.00
New Small Staple Hoop Small Staple Hoop
Tk 8,000.00
New Small Pavé Staple Hoop Small Pave Staple Hoop
Tk 12,200.00 Sold Out
New Pave Staple Hoop Pave Staple Hoop
Tk 14,300.00 Sold Out
New Large Staple Hoops Large Staple Hoops
Tk 19,000.00
New Chaos Hoops Chaos Hoops
Tk 24,400.00
New Men's Mixed Metal Link Up Chain Long Link Up Chain
New Exclusive Small Tied Hoops Small Tied Hoops
Tk 15,600.00
New Tied Hoops Tied Hoops
Tk 17,000.00
New Silver Tied Hoops Silver Tied Hoops
Tk 13,600.00
New Carabiner Pearl Anklet Carabiner Pearl Anklet
Tk 21,000.00
New Diamond Marquise Stud Diamond Marquise Stud
New Diamond & Sphere Stud Solid Gold Diamond & Sphere Stud
Tk 12,900.00 Sold Out
New Diamond Arrow Stud Solid Gold Diamond Arrow Stud
Tk 26,500.00 Regular price Tk 34,600.00
New Diamond Kiss Stud Diamond Kiss Stud
New Mixed Metal Paperclip Bracelet Mixed Metal Paperclip Bracelet
New Two Chain Paperclip Bracelet Two Chain Paperclip Bracelet
New Mixed Metal Paperclip Necklace Mixed Metal Paperclip Necklace
New Two Chain Paperclip Necklace Two Chain Paperclip Necklace