London Portraits: Freya Bramble-Carter

London Portraits: Freya Bramble-Carter

London-based ceramicist Freya Bramble-Carter joins the Otiumberg family.

Freya's work holds a beauty that explores the importance of connecting with the natural world.

Freya's work installed at the boutique as part of our Otiumberg Curates Series.

Freya's work installed at our London Bridge Boutique.

"I remember when I was doing my GCSEs, for my case study I chose to investigate Earth and its properties. I spent a lot of time digging up dirt and sampling it; I remember feeling really free and connected, taking samples and looking at the different qualities, smells, textures, colours."

- Freya Bramble-Carter

Freya grew up surrounded by clay. Her father, Chris Bramble, has been teaching pottery and hand-crafting pots and sculptural pieces for over 40 years.

Since diving into the craft in her 20's, Freya has also developed a passion for teaching, citing how pottery can be an important means of connection and inspiration.

Freya wears the Otiumberg collection at her studio in North London.

Working in clay connects me to myself, feels refreshing, like pushing my reset button. A similar feeling to when you walk along a peaceful river and you just feel total bliss.

I live right in the centre of the city in London. Even though there’s a lack of nature I am always listening out for the birds talking, the humming of activity; but we forget that we are nature regardless.

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