Otiumberg, noun. From the Latin, ‘otium’, or leisure time devoted to an artistic endeavours and enjoyment. And ‘berg’, from our founders’ surname. 

Otiumberg is a story of sisterhood. Since childhood, we’ve shared our own kind of language—it goes beyond words. We’ve never needed to explain it. We just feel it…that no matter what, there is a shared, unwavering mutual support for one another. 

Feelings like this extend far beyond a family of origin; they ripple across every chapter of life. It’s about the people, places, and things that enrich us with possibility, purpose, and inspiration. The moments and relationships that contain their own kind of homecoming…and that bring us back to our most authentic selves.  

Nearly a decade ago in the London home we shared, we started daydreaming about a jewellery collection that stood for this kind of deep connection. We envisioned pieces that went with us everywhere and represented something larger. Jewellery with specific, personalised significance—whether a symbolic bond, a story, a milestone, or a simple reminder of what’s actually important. 

Across our collections, our designs, the materials we choose, the creations we share with you—our collection is intended to distill these beautifully intangible emotions into tangible, care-filled forms. To make your own. To wear repeatedly. To be part of your story. 

Otiumberg isn’t a brand, it’s a feeling…a connection to what matters most.  

— Christie and Rosanna