Otiumberg Is Awarded B Corp Status

Otiumberg Is Awarded B Corp Status

Celebrating Our B Corp Certification

Otiumberg has been awarded B Corp status, meaning that we as a business have been recognised to meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability; an accreditation we have been working towards for over a year and a half.

It's a wonderful achievement to see our commitment and efforts formally recognised with this prestigious certification.

However, earning B Corp status isn't our end goal, it's just part of our responsible journey. We will always ensure that we are evolving, learning and improving to operate as responsibly and ethically as we possibly can.

"We are delighted to have achieved B-corp status, and now even more determined as a team to continue to do better: this is really just the beginning. Whilst certification is very much a cause to celebrate, we recognise that we have a long way to go and already have many new plans in the pipeline to help us get there. We hope that our certification inspires others to sign up to the process also. After all, wider industry change is what we are seeking."

- Rosanna and Christie, Otiumberg founders.

The Domino Ring crafted from SMO gold, one of our latest responsible projects.

What Is B Corp?

In order to achieve B Corp certification, a company must score at least 80 on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous assessment of a company's social and environmental impact.

The B Impact Assessment evaluates a company's performance in five areas:

  • Community: How the company engages with its local community and supports social enterprise.
  • Customer: How the company provides a positive customer experience and respects the privacy of its customers.
  • Environment: How the company minimises its environmental impact and promotes sustainability.
  • Governance: How the company is managed and how it ensures accountability to its stakeholders.
  • Workers: How the company treats its employees and promotes a healthy and safe workplace.

Responsible Initiatives

This year we've launched our Single Mine Origin gold collection - a traceable system for responsible gold mining, deepened our Choose Love charity partnership and strengthened our relationships with existing and new workshop partners.

SMO Gold

We introduced SMO (Single Mine Origin) gold into the Otiumberg collection in 2023, alongside our recycled gold pieces.

The extraction of gold can lead to destruction of natural habitats, water pollution, and exploitation of workers. SMO is a traceability system that ensures that the gold produced by a specific mine can be traced from the point of extraction to the final product. This system provides transparency and accountability, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about the products they buy. SMO Responsibly Sourced Gold goes a step further by ensuring that the gold is extracted using environmentally and socially responsible practices only.

All Otiumberg SMO gold is product in the Itly mine in Côte d'Ivoire.

Zarlasht, founder of Amna International

Rosanna and Christie, Otiumberg founders

Our Charity Partner: Choose Love

2022 marked the launch of our partnership with Choose Love, an organisation that provides humanitarian aid to, and advocacy for, displaced people around the world. 100% of the profits from our specially designed Choose Love collection go directly to this amazing cause.

Over the last year we have raised nearly £10,000 for Choose Love, and we are focusing our funding on AMNA for 2023 - one of more than 200 grass root organisations aided with the funds raised.

We first met Zarlasht, founder of AMNA, during our Choose Love launch campaign and the more we spoke, the more we realised this was a cause that needed a greater voice. 

As a young woman Zarlasht herself experienced the trauma of displacement, and founded AMNA to help mitigate the impact of toxic stress on children, families and young people. Refugee aid usually focuses on the immediate needs of displaced people and overlooks the long-term impact of trauma, which is why we feel it's so important to focus our support on AMNA over the next year.

Our Craftspeople

We continue to work with the same workshop partners since we began Otiumberg, as well as onboarding new suppliers as demand for the collection grows.

With every supplier we ensure that the correct audits and certifications are in place and that our in-depth supplier agreement is signed and followed. We hold a very close relationship with our suppliers making sure we visit them personally and are conscious of every step that our jewellery takes, and the craftsmen it passes.

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