April's Birthstone: The Diamond Collection

April's Birthstone: The Diamond Collection

What is April’s birthstone?

Those celebrating their birthday during this month are especially lucky; their birthstone is the timelessly beautiful diamond.

If your birthday’s in April and you’re looking to treat yourself to something special, or a loved one’s birthday falls in this month, we offer diamond rings, diamond earrings and diamond pendants all set in recycled 9 karat solid gold. Our personalised diamond pendant is a popular choice for birthday gifting, and our Bamboo birthstone collection includes rings, studs and hoop earrings featuring the birthstone of every month.

Solid gold jewellery is a wonderful choice for gifting - its hardwearing nature means it can be worn everyday, and diamonds are an extremely durable gemstone to adorn this precious metal with.

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What is so special about diamond jewellery?

Formed from highly pressurised carbon in warm temperatures, the large quantities of carbon in diamonds makes them extremely hard wearing. Amazingly, a diamond is 58 times harder than the next hardest mineral on earth, which is corundum (from which rubies and sapphires are formed.) Because of this, diamonds can only be cut with other diamonds.

Due to their indestructible nature and dazzling appearance, diamonds are a very popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, and work perfectly for everyday wear.

Their durability isn't the only reason diamonds are so loved, this special gemstone is also lauded for its sparkling appearance. White diamonds are the most common and popular colour, likely due to their versatility for everyday wear. But diamonds are also available in various other colours, including black, brown, yellow, pink, blue and green. Because of their rarity, coloured diamonds can be even more valuable than their clear counterparts, but clear diamonds can also be lab treated to create a particular colour.

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What do diamonds symbolise?

Originally found in rivers and streams in India during the fourth century, Ancient Greeks named the diamond ‘adamas’, which means indestructible and invincible, and the Romans believed diamonds to be stars that had fallen to Earth. Throughout history powerful leaders have worn diamond jewellery to symbolise their strength and invincibility. 

Today diamonds are seen as a romantic gesture, often gifted to symbolise love and commitment - and of course gifted to those who are lucky enough to have diamonds as their birthstone! As well as marking an April birthday, diamonds are also given for a 60th wedding anniversary gift.

The Diamond Collection

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