Sisterhood lies at the heart of Otiumberg.

Founded by the London duo Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg in 2016, the collection began as a personal expression in jewellery.

The sister’s instinctive minimalism and quietly confident style is reflected in a collection of timeless pieces that bring a sophisticated quality and intimate beauty to everyday jewellery.

The collection delivers beautifully crafted pieces with a conscious approach and appreciation for craftsmanship, an ethos that saw the brand obtain B Corp certification in 2023.

The Sisters

As a sister-lead, B-corp certified business, we want to stand proud about what we do and with that comes an integral sense of responsibility.

The term sustainability is somewhat at odds with our industry, an industry that thrives of newness and utilises natural resources. There is no denying that. That's why we don't shy away from impact and instead focus on being the most
responsible brand we can be. We are proudly a B-corp business and strive to do better year on year.

We continue to grow the brand in a conscious way - always with an unwavering commitment to do better. We by no means know it all and there have been mistakes along the way.


Community is everything to us. What began as a group of our dearest friends, has evolved into a global community of incredible people who support, love and participate in our brand.

Join us

"Otiumberg has amassed a cult following of sustainably-chic fans since its conception in 2016"