Spotlight On: The Pinky Ring Collection

Spotlight On: The Pinky Ring Collection

Pinky rings are having a moment.

Seen on our favourite style setters and TV characters in recent months, this empowering statement symbol is one we're currently investing in.

The majority of Otiumberg's ring collection works beautifully on your smallest finger. Discover solid gold, sterling silver and chunkier gold vermeil pieces to make your own sartorial statement.

Engraved pinky rings

What is the significance of a pinky ring?

The ultimate status symbol, pinky rings have been worn since the Roman Empire. Long associated with wealth and power, European Royals wore signet rings on their pinky finger featuring their family's coat of arms, a style that Queen Victoria wore in the 19th century and her sons then adopted.

The style was later popular in the Jazz age, and in the 1970s was worn by mob members in films like 'The Godfather' and 'Goodfellas'.

Pinky rings are now becoming a popular fashion accessory for women. Worn by Bella Hadid, Angela Basset and Meghan Markle in recent months, as well as multiple characters in Emily in Paris season 3, women are adopting the style to signify self expression and empowerment.

Otiumberg solid gold ring collection

Solid gold pinky rings

Otiumberg Pinky Rings

Our ultimate pinky ring is our signature Knocker Ring. A subtle statement combining recycled sterling silver and solid gold detailing, it's one of our chunkier designs and helps you combine your silver and gold ring stacks beautifully.

If a more delicate design suits your style, our solid gold thread ring and Bamboo rings can all be worn on the pinky finger. The Vermeil pearl half eternity is also a popular option for pearl lovers.

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