Otiumberg Curates: Freya Bramble-Carter

Otiumberg Curates: Freya Bramble-Carter

Otiumberg Curates

We are celebrating our newly opened London Bridge Boutique with the launch of our ‘Otiumberg Curates’ programme.

Our founders Christie and Rosanna are inviting like-minded women artists, met through the brand and their years spent alongside fellow creatives in the city, to showcase their work within the boutique. 

The first artist to feature in the series will be Freya Bramble-Carter, a ceramicist notable for her contemporary designs celebrating the power of nature and the balancing flow of feminine and masculine energy. 

Known for her artisan glazes and uniquely handcrafted silhouettes, Freya’s tactile and fluid work encompasses everything from fine homewares to large outdoor sculptures. A selection of her smaller limited edition works are now on display and available for purchase within the Otiumberg space.

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Browse, try-on and shop the collection alongside Freya’s works at the Otiumberg Boutique here.

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